Wednesday, August 17, 2011

save and spend

there are probably a lot of things i wanna buy. FYI, i do know how to save. the problem with me is, when i already have the money, i just can't bring myself to spend it.

right now, i am partly broke because i just spent my money with my new dslr last Saturday. actually, my money wasn't enough. it was my parents who paid the 3/4 amount of the dslr. hahaha! i was thankful to them because, finally, they agreed to buy me one after a year of convincing them! (THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU, 'rents!)

well, human as i am, i just can't seem to be contented of what i have. its NOT that i don't appreciate the things i already have (i know i'm very blessed and i thank God for that!), its just that there are still some things i'd love to have. forgive me.


-off-white low cut chucks

-cool + cute-colored external hard drive

-forever21 credit card

-cool + colorful bracelets

there are still a lot of things i wanted to have, but these are the top things on my current 'must-have' list! :)


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