Sunday, June 19, 2011

call it karma

i never thought it'll be this hard liking someone who doesn't like you back until now. before, i'm not trying to sound like i'm bragging, but i was used to being liked rather than the other way around. i was used in rejecting people that liked me. its not that i hate them, its just because of these reasons: i'm not ready, i can't see myself with that person, i don't like being in a relationship, i just can't understand myself sometimes, or simply because, i don't like that person. i may have liked someone before that didn't like me back and its just okay with me, but now, its different: i like him to like me back because i LIKE him. (i'm not using 'really' in that phrase because i'm still trying to figure it out.)

now, the tables are turned; i like someone who doesn't like me the way i wished he'd like me. i'm wondering if maybe its karma working on me. i just didn't know it would be this weird and hard to like someone who doesn't like you back and you just can't do anything about it.

here's an old song that had been stuck in my head for a week already: TERRIFIED by KATHARINE McPHEE..


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