Thursday, March 10, 2011

more than stressed

it has been a very stressful week for me! there are a lot of school stuff to do because school days are almost over. i've been really busy since last week but this week was BUSIER! we were asked to do a lot of requirements, projects and reporting from our major subjects down to our minors. because of these stuff (school stuff!), my time and fondness for blogging (and other interests i have) were gone! but i know it's just for now because summer break is just around the corner! i just hope i can do everything i want to do this summer. i just want to relax, totally take my mind off from school-related problems and just have fun. but a part of me knows that won't happen because we'll still have our 3-4 weeks of duty (which, for now, only God and our teachers know when and where, btw!) and a research study to think about. if only shifting from one course to another was an easy decision to make, i would have done that already.

too much for my rants.. i'll just leave a song ROLLING IN THE DEEP by ADELE. i love the beat and the meaning of the song as well as adele's voice. this song was also played in the movie 'i am number four' and when i heard it play in the background, i can't help but sing along! hahaha.

P.S. before i forget, we had our research revalida today and i PASSED! weehoo! HAPPINESS! hope my week will end great. *fingers-crossed*