Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i mean it

i'm one of the people who really don't like studying. it's one of the things i really hate doing especially at home! (i don't study MOST of the time even during our long exam weeks! that's how i loathe it!)

almost everyday in school we have a test. there are times that i get tired of my classmates and friends who don't believe me when i say i didn't study the night before. human as we are, most of the time, we only believe what we want to believe. i must admit that i also do things like that to them when i can sense that they opened or read their notes (even just a little) the night before or when i just like joking around. but sometimes i get tired of hearing the same things, so what i do is, i just shut my mouth or admit (not totally admit but just ride with them) that i did study, even though i didn't, just to get over with the conversation. i'm not angry with them.. its just that it's sad when they don't believe me even though I MEANT what i said.

oh well, maybe life's just like that. what i'm really trying to say here is: you can't convince everybody to believe you or dictate them what to believe.

i'll leave you a song that i've been listening for days: PRICE TAG by JESSIE J featuring B.o.B.

there's also a version that i like: click here to watch and listen. its from one of my favorite channels on youtube, CupofThy. i just love watching her videos, cool and fun! :)


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