Monday, February 21, 2011

yes, i will

it might be a little late to make some goals for this year but as what the saying goes:'s better late than never! :)

before 2011 ends, I WILL..
- have at least 100 followers on my: other blogspot, lookbook, tumblr and twitter
- have my own dslr camera
- save at least 15k
- travel outside the country (could be postponed 'til 2012)
- pass my last year in college (partly for 2011 and 2012)
- get to watch The Script playing live
- be patient as possible
- love and learn to appreciate more what i have
- talk less, listen more
- be a good daughter, sister and friend

btw, before my summer 2011 starts, I WILL..
make a sheer maxi skirt (just like the photo above from song of style.)


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