Monday, January 31, 2011

good life

i don't mind being copied. it just shows that i inspired someone. just like me, i get inspired a lot by anyone i came across to especially with blogs or people i know. what bothers me is someone who follows almost everything i like/do. i kinda want to say to that person: ''hey, look for your own life and be yourself.'' i may sound rude or selfish but try to put yourself in my place, at some point it becomes irritating. but i'm really trying my best to be understanding by telling myself that i may not be the only person who influenced that person, and the good thing is.. sometimes, it works! but sometimes it doesn't. so that's why i'm blogging now just to express what i feel. by doing this, my irritation will be lessen then will fade. that's how fast my emotions come and go. it's also the reason why there's NO need (and i don't want) to say it out loud to people.

here's a song/video of GOOD LIFE by ONEREPUBLIC. this song makes me feel good. ENJOY!


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  1. Love this song!!

    Stop by sometime!!! Hope you like it:)